With a Bachelor of Music in both Composition and Vocal Performance from Southern Methodist University, Sam C Henderson exhibits a fervent passion for making music in both senses of the phrase. Henderson’s extensive history with choral music – starting in 2005 with the then-named Conspirare Children’s Choir – has introduced him to the world of singing, composing, arranging, and even beatboxing!

Inspired by the versatility of vocal production, Henderson’s compositional voice heavily emphasizes timbral interaction and textured sonority within and between individual voices. This is most prevalent in his dense yet intimate choral work Twofold Silence, his playfully ambient two-piano piece Interstices of Moonlit Trees, and his ventures into electro-acoustic music, including his operetta Coming to This and French horn solo Romance. Henderson’s interest in visual media has also led him to collaborate with esteemed video game education program SMU Guildhall, providing the score for Sleepless Dreamer Studio’s Lost in the Dark.

Unable to escape music even in his extramusical ventures, Sam C Henderson currently works for the prestigious choral ensemble Conspirare as Concierge and Office Manager.